Will Cloughley

Artist self-portrait

Will Cloughley and Curtis Schreier

Sandra's World

Curtis Scherer

City Scape

Curved lines

Dust, Rust and Bults

Earth Form Shapes

Hard Edge Geometry


Archaeo-Futural Apparitions

Box Collage Temple

Mirrored Geometric

Figure Photography

Red Rock, Black Sun


Space Station

Book Electric Microwave

Symbolism photography



Blast Test


About Will Cloughley

Will Cloughley is a San Francisco-based artist and writer whose work explores the intersections of art, science, spirituality, and technology. He creates mixed media drawings, box collages, digital composites, and slide animation shows that combine geometric forms, organic shapes, symbols, and texts. His work reflects his interest in archaeology, astronomy, cosmology, mysticism, and philosophy.

Cloughley has exhibited his work at various venues in the Bay Area, such as Gallery 276, Hotel des Arts, Root Division, Red Ink Studios, and Back to the Picture SOMA Gallery. He is also the co-founder of Archaeo-Futural Productions, a collaborative project that produces immersive media installations and performances. He has published several essays and poems on art and culture, as well as illustrated artist’s books that feature his original drawings and writings.

Cloughley has a BA in Fine Arts from San Francisco State University and an MA in Humanities from California State University Dominguez Hills. He is currently working on a series of ink and prismacolor drawings titled Archaeo-Futural Apparitions, which depict visionary landscapes inspired by ancient civilizations and futuristic scenarios.

Will Cloughley – opaque projectors / Artograph